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CDSPI — Uniquely Focused on Your Success

CDSPI focuses on helping dental professionals successfully reach their goals by providing financial planning solutions and other support in a way no other organization does.

No-Cost, No-Pressure Financial Planning Advice from Licensed Advisors

CDSPI gives you access to the services of uniquely skilled insurance and investment advisors. These licensed advisors only serve dental professionals — so they have unparalleled experience in addressing your distinct insurance and investment planning needs. Because these advisors are salaried - and not paid on commission - you’ll never face sales pressure.

One-Stop Insurance and Investment Shopping With Outstanding Rates and Features

CDSPI is a one-stop source for a wide range of exceptional insurance and investment products designed with dental professionals in mind.

Products provided through CDSPI offer special advantages that aren’t generally available to the public. For example, plans within the Insurance Program offer coverage features that address dentists’ unique protection needs - at premiums that are hard to beat.

CDSPI also offers a variety of plans to grow your personal and professional assets. As well, you’ll benefit from investment funds that have among the lowest management fees available anywhere - giving your savings the potential to grow faster.

Exceptional Service and Specialized Financial Expertise for Dental Professionals

CDSPI has served dental professionals for over 50 years as a not-for-profit company and has a profound understanding of the profession’s unique needs.

Unlike for-profit financial service providers, CDSPI is closely associated with organized dentistry and has dentists and industry experts setting its direction - so it channels its resources to delivering extra value for you. For instance, CDSPI provides a range of no-cost services to enhance your financial planning - including creating a customized financial plan for you.

Along with assisting you to enhance your financial well-being, CDSPI also offers a confidential counselling service that can help you with your emotional and physical well-being.