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History of CDSPI

CDSPI is a not-for-profit organization that was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act in 1959.  (The company's original name, Canadian Dental Service Plans Inc. was officially changed to CDSPI effective January 1, 2008.)


Initially, CDSPI was incorporated to provide administration and accounting services to dentists for several provincial government post-treatment payment programs. CDSPI began with a staff of eight, and shared offices with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the Ontario Dental Association and the Toronto Academy of Dentistry.


Later, CDSPI became involved in the administration of insurance plans for dentists. Prior to the 1970s, there were no comprehensive national insurance plans for the dental profession. In 1969, the CDA Board of Governors formally approved the merger of the parallel CDA and ODA group insurance plans to form the National/Provincial Insurance Program (NPIP).  The NPIP was placed under the direction and control of a CDA committee - The Council on Insurance and Investment - while some aspects of its administration were delegated to CDSPI.


The popularity of the NPIP grew rapidly. With the demand of increasing business, a clear need for a more efficient and better-defined administrative and control structure had become apparent.  By 1975, CDSPI and the CDA Council of Insurance and Investment were combined to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. With the new structure in place, the name National/Provincial Insurance Program was changed to Canadian Dentists' Insurance Program.


Today, about 90 per cent of dentists from all across Canada use the personal, office and legal/liability insurance plans within the Canadian Dentists' Insurance Program, believed to be the most comprehensive insurance program available to any professional group in Canada.


In addition, CDSPI also provides the Canadian Dentists' Investment Program. The RSP within that program began in 1957. Since then, numerous other plans have been added, including RIF, TFSA, Investment Account, IPP and RESP plans, all of which invest in the CDSPI investment funds. Those funds initially consisted of the Bond and Mortgage Fund and the Common Stock Fund, but today there are more than 30 funds managed by leading fund managers, containing about $400-million in assets. Other investment services offered through CDSPI include private wealth management and online brokerage services.


As well as providing most of the administrative and marketing functions with respect to the insurance and investment plans, CDSPI's mandate also includes the development of other programs to meet the needs of the dental profession.  These services are provided under a Member Services Division of the company, and currently include the Members' Assistance Program.


On November 23, 1999, Professional Guide Line Inc. was incorporated as an affiliate of CDSPI.  This new company was created to help CDSPI serve its participants better in the areas of insurance and investment by offering advice by licensed advisors in most Canadian provinces.  The name of the company was changed to CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. effective January 1, 2008.


CDSPI currently employs about 70 people serving the needs of the Canadian dental profession.