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For dentists who own the buildings in which they practise, the Canadian Dentists' Insurance Program offers Building Insurance — an option available for a competitive additional premium under the TripleGuard™ Insurance plan. While the core TripleGuard™ Insurance plan protects your office contents (such as your dental equipment, furniture and furnishings), the Building Insurance Option provides added protection by covering your building’s structure — such as the walls, roofing and attached fixtures. It also offers options to protect your rental income and the sudden and accidental breakdown of specific building equipment.

Building Insurance is available exclusively to those who have coverage under the TripleGuard™ Insurance plan or apply for it at the time they submit their Building Insurance application. The cost of the Building Insurance Option varies depending on the type of structure to be insured. To obtain an insurance quote for your building, call for an application form or download it using the link below. Once your completed application is received, you’ll be provided with a premium quote within two to three weeks.

Download Building Insurance Plan Sheet
Download Building Insurance Application

Note: To view these documents, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Readerinstalled on your computer.

When Applying for Coverage

If you would like assistance in completing the Building Insurance application, contact your insurance planning advisor at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

Note: You must have TripleGuard™ Insurance to be eligible to apply for Building Insurance.