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Introduced in 2009, CDSPI Home & Auto Insurance* provides preferred group rates for dental professionals, their spouses and dependents, and others in organized dentistry. That means you’ll have the potential to enjoy significant savings with rates not offered to the public. Call CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. to get a quote by phone or get a quote on-line (see below) to see how much you may save.

Distributed by CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. and underwritten by The Personal Insurance Company, CDSPI Home & Auto Insurance offers a variety of advantages, including 24/7 claims assistance and additional ways to save.

Two More Reasons to Choose CDSPI Home & Auto Insurance
Preferred rates. 24/7 service. Multi-line discounts. As if these advantages from The Personal, weren’t enough, now we have two more.

Compare and Save on Auto Insurance with Quick Quote
Now, it’s easier than ever to get proof of our competitive rates for auto insurance. If you’re looking for single driver insurance for a single vehicle, you can use our new streamlined Quick Quote form. Fewer questions. Fewer details. Less time spent to find savings.

Home Auto Quote

If you have multiple drivers or vehicles, you can use the Detailed Quote form. With both types of quotes, you can easily change vehicles to compare prices quickly if you’re shopping.

And for Your Home – Detect a Leak Before it Gets Worse
The Personal has launched an innovative water detection device, called Alert. It’s fully digital, and available at no cost to clients who have CDSPI Home Insurance. Alert is about the size of a small computer mouse. You put it in high risk areas, like next to a washing machine or dishwasher, and if it detects moisture, it automatically sends a text to your phone. If you have CDSPI Home Insurance, you can call The Personal at 1-877-277-7230 to receive an Alert device and code. If you’d like more than one device, the cost is $30 per additional device.

If you need assistance, you can direct-dial 1-877-277-7230, to reach a CDSPI dedicated agent at The Personal. 

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Download CDSPI Home & Auto Insurance Plan Sheet

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CDSPI Home and Auto Insurance is underwritten by The Personal Insurance Company and distributed by CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. CDSPI Home and Auto insurance is currently not available to residents of Quebec and Auto insurance is not available to residents of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia due to government run plans.