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During retirement, you can continue protecting yourself and your family with personal health insurance available through CDSPI Retiree Benefits. This health and dental benefits program, which is offered at greatly preferred pricing, reflects CDSPI’s ongoing commitment to providing relevant financial services solutions for dentists through all stages of their lives and careers.

CDSPI Retiree Benefits are provided under the FollowMe™ Health benefit program* through CDSPI’s affiliation with Manulife, a leading Canadian-based insurance company which has earned the trust of Canadians for more than 120 years.

As a retired dentist or soon-to-be retired dentist†† you may apply for CDSPI Retiree Benefits — without providing medical information — if you are a participant in an existing health benefits plan when you apply for CDSPI Retiree Benefits, or you were a participant in a plan that has recently ended and your application for CDSPI Retiree Benefits is received within 60 days of the end date of your current health benefits plan.

Download CDSPI Retiree Benefits Plan Sheet

This plan is available to Canadian dentists (excluding dentists in Quebec and Ontario).

To apply:
Click here to download the CDSPI Retiree Benefits application; or
Click here to fill out the CDSPI Retiree Benefits application online.

CDSPI Retiree Benefits are not available to dentists in Quebec and Ontario.
†† If you are arranging for coverage to begin on or after your retirement date.
* Underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife).

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