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As a dental professional, Malpractice Insurance can protect you in the event a patient makes a claim against you or your practice arising out of your professional services. In addition, Malpractice Insurance provides claims assistance and legal representation.

Underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, Malpractice Insurance offers a range of coverages from which you can choose. Dentists can be protected for up to $25-million for each claim, to a maximum of $75-million per calendar year. Hygienists, certified dental assistants, dental nurses and dental therapists can be protected for $2-million per claim to a maximum of $6-million per calendar year. You must reside in Canada to apply for coverage.

Download Malpractice Insurance Plan Sheet
Download Malpractice Insurance Application

Download Consent to Treatment Information/Form

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When Applying for Coverage

If you would like assistance in completing the Malpractice Insurance application, contact your personal insurance planning advisor at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

Reminder for hygienists, certified dental assistants and dental nurses: Do not complete Section 3, Question 1A. and B. of the Malpractice Insurance application.