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Your existing personal insurance — including home and auto policies — provides basic liability protection. But what if you're faced with a lawsuit for a larger amount of money than your existing coverage provides?

Fortunately, Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance offers a highly economical way get the extra protection you may need. The plan offers protection against large lawsuits from third parties by providing extra coverage above your existing home, auto, boat, vacation property in Canada, and other motorized vehicles policies when they carry $1-million or more of liability coverage.

Underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, the plan’s attractively priced premiums allow you to choose from $3- to $5-million of additional liability coverage. The plan includes additional features covering certain liability claims that may not be covered by your primary policy, such as slander.

Download Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Plan Sheet
Download Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Application

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When Applying for Coverage

If you would like assistance in completing the Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance application, contact an insurance planning advisor at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

Reminder: Please consult the terms of your automobile insurance policy before answering Question 2B. in Section 3 of the Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance application.