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Insurance Premiums — Payment Options

There are normally four choices* for paying insurance premiums through the Canadian Dentists’ Insurance Program:

1. VISA or MasterCard credit card, with the option of automatic debit (monthly, quarterly or annual)
2. Pre-Authorized Chequing (monthly, quarterly or annual)
3. Cheque (quarterly or annual)
4. On-Line or Telephone Bank Account

* Travel Edge and Travel Edge Plus insurance premiums are only payable annually by credit card or cheque. For other insurance plans, a processing charge of 2.23% (including GST or HST) applies to quarterly and monthly payments. Minimum monthly payment is $30. Minimum quarterly payment is $90.

To Set-up Pre-authorized Credit Card or Pre-authorized Chequing Payments for Your Account:
Contact CDSPI at 1-800-561-9401. You may also download the pre-authorized payments form now and send the completed form by mail or fax to CDSPI, or CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. (The companies’ mailing address and fax number are provided on the pre-authorized payments form.)

Pay by Credit Card Using our Automated Telephone System
CDSPI now offers a new way to pay your Canadian Dentists' Insurance Program invoice for full payments (quarterly or annually — depending on your current billing schedule). To use this automated telephone credit card system, have your Visa or MasterCard ready, as well as your Insurance Program account and invoice number(s). Then, simply dial 1-866-460-9199 (toll-free) or (647) 776-0970 and follow the voice prompts.

Paying On-line by VISA or MasterCard
To pay your insurance premiums by credit card from CDSPI’s website, simply follow these instructions:

Click on the “My Portfolio” link in the left sidebar. Then select "Invoices/Payments".

Select the invoice you wish to pay by clicking on it.

Choose “Credit Card”.

Enter your VISA or MasterCard information and then click on “Confirm Payment”.

Print-out a copy of the payment receipt for your records.

Pay Through Your Existing On-Line or Telephone Bank Account
If you have an existing on-line (or telephone banking) account with a major Canadian bank or credit union, you may be able to use that service to pay your Canadian Dentists' Insurance Program premiums. “CDSPI” can be added as a payee to on-line and telephone banking account services from most Canadian banks and one credit union. Contact your bank or credit union branch if you need assistance adding CDSPI as a payee to your account.