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No-Cost Insurance Offer for Dental Students

Your insurance planning advisors can help you access a valuable insurance offer for full-time dental students who are enrolled at an accredited Canadian university:

  • The no-cost Undergraduate Package includes $100,000 of Life Insurance, $1,000 per month of disability insurance and $100,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance, plus up to $15,000 of Student TripleGuard™ Insurance for your hand instruments.
  • If you are under age 40 when you apply for the package, evidence of good health is not required and your Life, disability insurance and AD&D coverage will “double-up” upon graduation — giving you twice the protection.
  • With evidence of good health, you can apply for the Optional Graduate Package to receive even higher amounts of Life, disability insurance and AD&D coverage at graduation — $500,000 of Life coverage with the Waiver of Premium and Future Insurance Guarantee options, $500,000 of AD&D, and $3,500 per month of disability insurance with a 30-day elimination period, and Future Insurance Guarantee, Own Occupation and Cost of Living Adjustment options.
  • When you start working as a dentist, you can activate up to $50,000 of TripleGuard™ Insurance to protect your office equipment and income against office-related risks (such as fire, theft and pandemic outbreak) — also at no cost to you until December 31st of your graduation year.
  • Once the no-cost period ends, you’ll receive a reduction of 50 per cent on the regular premiums for the Life and AD&D coverage in your insurance package for the three calendar years following graduation. You'll also receive a reduction of 15% on the regular premiums for the life of your disability insurance policy.

*Coverage is offered at no cost to you until December 31st of your graduation year, provided that you are an eligible full-time dental student at an accredited Canadian university. There is no obligation to continue coverage after the no-cost period ends. Students who are age 40 to 64 are required to provide evidence of good health to apply for the no-cost package of Life, disability and AD&D Insurance. Increased insurance limits for students age 40 to 64 are offered in the calendar year of their graduation subject to evidence of good health. No medical evidence is required to obtain TripleGuard™ Insurance. You must obtain the Undergraduate Package prior to your graduation in order to apply for the Optional Graduate Package.