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Permanent Life Insurance

At CDSPI you can select from Term 100 Life, Whole Life and Universal Life insurance options to protect your wealth and help meet your long-term financial and estate planning goals. For Whole Life and Universal Life insurance options, you can combine lifetime insurance with tax-deferred accumulation of savings for lifelong security.

Advantages of Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance

  • Part of your insurance premiums are transferred into an investment account for tax-deferred accumulation
  • Potential for cash value accumulation
  • Potential to borrow against your cash value
  • Suited for long-term goals, such as providing additional assets for your spouse, beneficiaries and estate upon your death
  • Beneficiaries named in life insurance policy can receive tax-exempt proceeds without extended delays or probate
  • Charities may benefit by receiving a larger gift
  • Lasts as long as you live

Whole Life Insurance Features

  • Fixed insurance premiums that won’t increase for the life of the policy
  • Pre-determined investments are managed by the insurance company for you
  • Minimum guaranteed death benefit

Universal Life Insurance Features

  • Flexible insurance premium amounts that can be adjusted for the life of the policy
  • You can select and manage your investments from a broader suite of investment options
  • Minimum guaranteed death benefit and you can use your investment options to increase your death benefit

To find out how permanent insurance can help meet your long-term financial goals, contact a Certified Financial Planner®(CFP®) professional at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

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