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TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account) is a registered plan that lets your savings build faster with tax-free growth. The TFSA allows you to invest your money without paying tax on the growth it generates. What's more, you can withdraw funds whenever you want – tax-free and you have the ability to put back any money you withdraw as long as it is not re-contributed to your TFSA before the following year. A TFSA is an ideal investment solution for any of your short or long-term saving goals.

Grow your TFSA - Why investing with CDSPI is 1 smart decision

  • Eligible members of the Canadian dental profession1 benefit from no-cost consultations as well as no front-end or back-end loads
  • Broad range of investment options via our  CDSPI family of segregated funds
  • Low fund management expense ratios (MERs) ranging from 0.65 to 1.77 percent


If you would like to learn how a TFSA can become part of your investment strategy, contact CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.* Phone 1-800-561-9401 or send an e-mail to

Download TFSA Plan Sheet
Download TFSA Application
Download TFSA Transfer Form

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Restrictions may apply to advisory services in certain jurisdictions. Financial planning and advisory services are provided by licensed advisors at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.
1 All members of the CDA or participating provincial or territorial dental associations, their dental office staff, dental association staff and their immediate family members are eligible to participate in the Canadian Dentists’ Investment Program.