An illness or accident can deprive you of the ability to earn an income, or even take your life. Financially, that could make a bad situation even worse for your family. The good news is that your insurance advisor can help you take measures to protect your lifestyle and that of your family.

If You Become Disabled

If you become injured or ill and unable to work, your bills and other everyday living expenses still need to be met. That's why should consider obtaining long term disability insurance, which provides a benefit to help replace income should you become disabled. The amount disability coverage you're eligible to obtain depends on your income. Your advisor can help you determine the level of coverage you need to protect your income, and suggest options to enhance your coverage.

If You Suffer a Serious Injury

A major injury may mean extra costs such as special medical equipment, making your home wheelchair accessible or training for a new occupation if you are unable to work in the dental field. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance protects you from the financial consequences of such an injury, by proving you with a lump-sum benefit (or a benefit to your beneficiary if you were to die in an accident).

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Dental Office Staff Insurance

(Which includes your choice of disability, accident and/or life coverage)


In the Event of Your Death

Your untimely death could deal a devastating blow to your family's standard of living. Life insurance can prevent that happening by assisting with the costs of caring for minor children, future mortgage payments, funeral expenses, legal fees, taxes and other expenses. Life insurance can also be used for estate planning, for example, to pay your final tax bill, leaving your assets intact for transfer to your heirs. Your advisor can help you obtain the right type and level of life insurance protection for your needs. Your advisor can also help you obtain life insurance to protect your spouse and dependent children.

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