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As a dentist building a practice, it's vital to have the right advice and tools to financially protect your business and to help it prosper. Fortunately, CDSPI Advisory Services advisors are here to help you do that. At no cost to you, our non-commissioned, licensed insurance and investment professionals will help you build customized portfolios that address your distinct business needs ─ such as opening a practice, protecting it and growing it.

Examples of specific ways advisors can assist you when building your practice include:

Buying a Dental Practice ─ Insurance and Investment Considerations

Financially Protecting Your Office from Disasters

The Right (and Wrong) Approach to Growing Your Practice Earnings

Making Your Practice a Better Place to Work

Restrictions may apply to advisory services in certain jurisdictions.

“When I bought my dental practice, CDSPI advisors were a huge help in aiding me to set up my dental practice insurance coverage. Too often we are not prepared for the unexpected, and that is where the advisors truly shine.”

Dr. Mark Sutherland

Halifax, Nova Scotia