You probably wouldn't drive to an unfamiliar, faraway place without having a map or GPS at your side. By the same token, does it make sense to forge a path towards your financial future without having a good idea of where you're going and how to get there? It’s wise to have a financial road map with you.

Fortunately, established dentists can easily get that map. Your advisors at CDSPI Advisory Services will custom-create a full financial plan for you — at no cost.

This written document will help you identify your financial goals for the short-, medium- and long-term ─ and help you prioritize them. Then, once your goals have been established, the plan will establish a route to help you achieve them.

The plan takes into account several factors relating to your personal finances, including your current financial situation, your tolerance for risk and your insurance and estate planning needs. Your advisors will create an investment strategy specifically for you — and recommend within your financial plan ways you can work towards achieving your financial goals.

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