Accidents, illnesses and other misfortunes can have a major impact on your family’s financial well-being. You insurance advisor at CDSPI Advisory Services can help you identify increased personal risks you may be facing, and assist you in strengthening your insurance portfolio to account for those risks.

Safeguarding Your Income in the Event of Disability

The amount of disability insurance you’re eligible to obtain depends on your income level. If it has been years since you last reviewed your disability coverage ─ and your income has significantly increased over that time ─ you could find it financially difficult to maintain your standard of living in the event of a disability with your current level of insurance protection. Your insurance advisor can help ensure that doesn’t happen ─ by helping you obtain a level of disability protection that meets your current needs.

Ensuring Your Life Insurance is Up-to-Date

Your advisor can review your personal life insurance needs to ensure they continue to address your present situation. For example, if your family has grown, or if you have a child who has developed special needs since you last obtained life coverage, your advisor can assist you in making any necessary coverage changes.

As well, your advisor can help ensure all of your family’s life insurance needs are met, by assisting with obtaining coverage for your spouse and children.

Helping You Contend with the Costs of a Serious Accidental Injury

A major injury may mean extra costs such as special medical equipment, making your home wheelchair accessible or training for a new occupation if you are unable to work in the dental field. Your advisor can help you obtain accidental death and dismemberment insurance which provides a lump-sum benefit to help you contend the financial consequences of such an injury (or a benefit to your beneficiary if you were to die in an accident).

Gaining Protection Against Legal/Liability Risks

Because you’re an established dentist, some people may perceive you as having “deep pockets”. That perception may influence a person’s decision about whether or not to sue you. Your advisor can help you gain legal expense insurance protection. This coverage makes it financially easier to defend or launch a wide range of personal legal actions.

As well, you may have a greater exposure to liability risks if you own a number of possessions like a cottage, a boat or other recreational vehicles, or more than one car. If someone was seriously injured on your property, or as the result of an accident involving your vehicle, you could potentially face a liability lawsuit judgment that exceeds the limits of your home or auto insurance policy. Fortunately, your advisor can help you obtain the extra protection you may need, through personal umbrella liability insurance. This coverage provides an added layer of liability protection above and beyond your underlying auto, home, vacation property, RV and boat policies.

Helping You Save Money on Home, Auto and Travel Insurance

You understand why it’s important to protect yourself with home and auto insurance, as well as travel coverage. However, you may not know that your insurance advisor could possibly help you save a significant amount of money when obtaining any of these coverages.

Your advisor can help you access home and auto insurance at preferred rates ─ exclusively for dental professionals. As well, your advisor offers travel insurance that provides year-round coverage for an unlimited number of trips ─ for a premium that’s less than some plans charge for single-trip coverage.

For no-cost advice for your personal insurance planning needs, contact an advisor at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.