Left in a bank account, money from the sale of your dental practice could grow at a snail’s pace due to the low interest rates these types of accounts pay. Therefore, consider investing that money instead.

Your investment planning advisor at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. can help you choose investments that are appropriate for your situation. For example, you may want to consider private wealth management. A designated portfolio manager consults on a personalized solution for you and works with the investment research committee on all the portfolio decision-making — providing you with the freedom to focus on other matters. You receive regular updates through transaction confirmations, monthly account statements and quarterly portfolio valuations, and meetings with your advisor can be scheduled.

A non-registered investment account can offer many distinct advantages for investing the proceeds from the sale of your practice, including a wide range of investment funds (such as corporate class investment funds which may allow for the deferment of taxable income until the funds are sold, and provide income in a more tax-efficient manner), low fund management fees and no sales charges or administrative account fees to drag down your returns.

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