8 Canadian Spas To Help You Unwind

After bending over patients all day, you’ve earned a getaway to a serene and rejuvenating spa. There are countless massages, exotic baths, scrubs and wraps to choose from, and luckily Canada has many award-winning retreats that offer them.


1. Grotto Spa. Parksville, BC.

Named the #1 Spa in Western Canada by Spas of America, the main feature is the Grotto’s warm water pool, infused with restorative natural minerals. The pool area includes a two-storey waterfall, invigorating cool-splash cascade and a whirlpool. From there you can move on to a luxurious spa treatment with a focus on West Coast natural ingredients. Dine in your spa robe and sandals while overlooking the surrounding forest.


2. Willow Stream Spa. Banff, AB.

With the stunning mountain landscape, luxurious interiors, and 38,000 square-foot spa, this spa is an opulent bucket-list experience that is unrivaled in Canada.


3. Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature. Winnipeg, MB.

Hot… cold… hot… cold… rest. As the name implies, this spa offers a unique thermal experience in the Scandinavian tradition. You can also enjoy Thermëa’s restaurant, Restö, which combines a superb menu with subdued lighting, a fireplace, soothing background music, and a gorgeous view of the site.


4. Miraj Hammam Spa. Toronto, ON.
“Indulge in traditional Middle Eastern Hammam and Gommage treatments while your imagination takes you on a mystical journey into the past.” This refuge amidst the concrete jungle of downtown Toronto is the perfect place to detox—body, mind and soul. Order a spiced chai tea and baklava, and enter your own private Hammam room to await your Old World-inspired treatments.


5. Ste. Anne’s Spa. Grafton, ON.

Set in 400 sprawling acres in eastern Ontario, St. Anne’s features one of the most extensive lists of treatments for the body and soul that you’ll find anywhere in the country. The facilities include hot/cold water therapies, a eucalyptus steam room and an outdoor pool (in summer months). In 2016, St. Anne’s was named the Top Destination Spa by the Canadian Spa and Wellness Awards.


6.Balnea Spa. Bromont, QC.

Balnea is perfect for a couple’s getaway. Panoramic saunas, exterior baths, 22 km of hiking trails, a forest basin, thermal waterfall, sweat lodge, Turkish bath, beach club, Moroccan lounge all set on a private lake—how do you spell r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c? And the culinary delights of the Lumani restaurant only add to the allure.


7. Pure Spa. Charlottetown, PE

Indulge your senses and soothe your soul in a breathtaking waterfront environment. Watch boats sail by and indulge in Pure Spa’s contemporary atmosphere while sipping a pre-treatment beverage. In addition to massages, Pure Spa offers luxurious body, face, hands and feet treatments using a variety of natural and organic products safe for your body, inside and out.


8. The Doctor’s House Inn & Spa. Green’s Harbour, NL.

Set in a 100-acre ocean-front paradise, The Doctor’s House is “Just an hour from St. John’s and a million miles from anywhere”. With its walking trails, ocean views, solarium, sumptuous dining room and glorious spa treatments, it’s perfect for romantic getaways, personal retreats and special occasions—particularly weddings.


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