Dwight Laughton, CFP®

Investment Planning Advisor

“I help dentists create a financial plan to attain their goals – leaving a legacy for their family, having a comfortable retirement, buying a home, starting a practice – whatever their goals may be, I offer them the resources to achieve them.”

Dwight Laughton is an Investment Planning Advisor who holds the CFP® designation. With 25+ years of experience in the financial services industry, Dwight provides expertise in the areas of tax planning, estate planning, retirement, and wealth management. He has worked widely with high-net-worth clients (including dentists, physicians, accountants, and lawyers), growing his clients’ portfolios, developing solid client relationships, and exceeding their expectations.


Perspective on working with dentists

Dwight feels that CDSPI is the best setting for him, with a close-knit team focused on the dental community. “I find the connection between CDSPI employees and dentists to be empowered by the fact that we are not incentivised by the bottom line, but by the wellbeing of dentists.” Dwight acquired extensive experience working with various financial institutions before joining CDSPI in 2016. He was attracted to CDSPI because of its not-for-profit status, core values and its member-driven focus serving the dental community.

Dwight likes to operate in full transparency with his clients, “Having dentists share their goals and aspirations with me is a privilege. I have access to information that they often prefer to keep private, and I appreciate and respect the trust they place in me. I collaborate with dentists to shape their financial strategy and provide support with implementation so that they get to achieve their goals.”



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  • Ontario

Financial wellness means having a plan to achieve your goals. It is confidence in your financial plan and in the advice that financial planners offer you. Having the freedom to map out your life according to the goals set. Starting early is imperative to achieving certain goals such as paying off debt and investing. Although it is never too late to start, there has never been a better time than now.

As an avid reader and collector of random information, Dwight is a whiz at trivia. He is also an enthusiastic fitness and sports fan with his attention dedicated to community basketball, tennis, and exercising. He serves as a referee for basketball teams in Mississauga, and occasionally takes to the tennis court for a few rounds during the warmer months. Over the holiday seasons, Dwight volunteers at his local food bank.


Dwight Laughton