CDSPI Celebrates 60 Years Serving Dentists

This year marks a milestone in our privileged history of supporting the dental community. So much has changed over six decades – and that includes CDSPI! We’ve evolved in many ways and we’re proud of what makes us truly unique:


• We’re hyper-specialized on dentists so we can provide expert advice about financial protection for your practice, investing through a corporation, managing risk, tax-efficiency, and a host of other things to help you thrive.

• As a not-for-profit, we don’t answer to an owner or shareholders who demand a return on their investment. Any benefits we generate are passed back to the dentists who are in our programs, or used to fund programs that benefit the dental community.

• We work closely with your dental associations to provide relevant advice, insurance, investment and wellness solutions as part of your member benefit package.


President, Ed Dermit, talks about the many benefits CDSPI provides for dentists, while supporting the full dental community across Canada.

60 years ago…

-Canadian Dental Services Plans Inc. was created to support the financial needs of dental professionals.

1970s & 1980s
-Directing and administration for insurance plans for dentists.
-Inception of the first CDSPI Funds for RRSPs.

1990s & 2000s
-Launched no-cost insurance program for dental students.
-Introduced Members’ Assistance Program (MAP) to support your physical and mental health.

-Ongoing support of the dental community with sponsorships of many dental association programs.
-Expanded our investment services by introducing do-it-yourself investing and private wealth management for high-net-worth clients.

-Nearly $1 billion invested with CDSPI.
-Over 49,000 insurance policies in force.
-70.5% of Canadian dentists are CDSPI clients.

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