Students Applying to Practice in Canada
(excluding Ontario and Quebec)
1. Obtain and Send in a Licensing Application
  • Contact the licensing body in the province or territory where you’ll be practising for the licensing application.
  • Complete and return the application to the licensing body with payment and the supporting documents requested. Indicate that your Malpractice Insurance application will be sent to CDSPI.


2. Apply for Malpractice Insurance
  • Get your Malpractice Insurance application from CDSPI. When you submit it, indicate that your licence application has been sent to your licensing body.
  • Provided everything is in order, CDSPI and your licensing body will coordinate to issue your Malpractice Insurance and licence. (They will take effect on the same date).
  • You will begin paying for Malpractice Insurance as soon as you get your licence. Take this into consideration if you’re not going to start practising right away.