DisabilityGuard™ Insurance Premium Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your annual premium based on the maximum monthly coverage for your income.

This information is required Value must be between $65,000 and $969,999

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Are you a smoker or non-smoker?

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Which waiting (elimination) period do you prefer?

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You can choose the following option(s) to customize your coverage.

This option helps protect your future earnings as your income grows. You can increase your disability coverage by up to 25% yearly without evidence of good health at the time of increase.

The COLA Option increases your benefit each year after you have been disabled for 12 months, by the increase in the Consumer Price Index up to 8%.

During a total disability, occurring before age 65, this option can provide a $500 or $1,000 monthly contribution (depending on your annual income) to an account set up for your retirement.

Earned income: Income you earn in any and all occupations and/or from any business or professional practice after deducting business expenses, but before income taxes. It excludes unearned or investment income such as pensions, interest, dividends, etc.

HealthEdge rates: If you are a non-smoker, in excellent health and maintain a healthy lifestyle you may receive special savings on your DisabilityGuard™ Insurance premiums with HealthEdge. The insurer will consider you for reduced premiums if you qualify.

Waiting (elimination) period: A specified amount of time, beginning with the onset of a disability, when you will not receive benefits. The longer the waiting period you choose, the lower the premium you pay.

Underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife), P.O. Box 670, Stn Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 4B8.
The information contained here is a summary only. A full description of DisabilityGuard™ coverage and eligibility, including restrictions and limitations is contained in the certificate booklet, which sets out all the coverage terms and conditions.