Five Apps for Retired Dentists

Now that you’re retired, you’re just getting more time to maximize the use of technology, including your smartphone and tablet devices. With the right apps in place, you can benefit from having a whole extra team at your disposal – from personal coach to personal assistant.

You’ve likely already discovered a few mobile applications or “apps” that work for you. Here is a core list of five apps that can help make your life post-retirement simpler, enriching and more streamlined.

  1. Mint – Organize and consolidate your finances without having to log into multiple financial web sites. This acclaimed app helps keep track of your bills and has powerful budget-tracking features that can help keep your retirement spending on track.
  1. TED Talks – Hear an inspirational talk (or more!) every day, and keep on top of the most current leadership, technology and social issues and trends that are shaping the world today. Whether it’s Ariana Huffington on the power of sleep or investment legend Bill Gross on the importance of timing, you can look forward to being inspired on a regular basis.
  1. Evernote – Retirement is often associated with downsizing. Here’s a way to jot down your notes, ideas and laundry lists without toting a Moleskine notebook along with you, and cut down on the clutter.
  1. Tile – It happens to the best of us. If you are prone to misplacing your keys or other common items (including your phone!), consider investing in Tile, a technology that will help you locate your most common misplaced items using your mobile device … and a little help from Bluetooth technology.
  1. Headspace – A guided meditation app that will help you become more mindful while unlocking the benefits of this powerful practice. From helping you develop better sleep habits to easing stress, downloading this app is a no brainer.

Before you hit download …

Before you download or pay for the premium version of an app, check its reviews, make sure it’s available in Canada (especially financial apps as connectivity with your financial institution will matter), and that it’s from a secure and reputable source.

As with any technology, you have to give an app a test drive to make sure it’s something that will actually add value to your life. But once you identify the ones that work for you, they can be truly life-changing.

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