As a new dentist, your needs are about to change in many ways, and CDSPI is here to help. Here's some information to help you get started on the right foot.

Obtain Malpractice Insurance


Applying to Practice in Canada (excluding Ontario and Quebec)

Step 1: Obtain and send in a licensing application
  • Contact the licensing body in the province or territory where you’ll be practising for the licensing application.
  • Complete and return the application to the licensing body with payment and the supporting documents requested. Indicate that your Malpractice Insurance application will be sent to CDSPI.


Step 2: Apply for malpractice insurance
  • Get your Malpractice Insurance application from CDSPI. When you submit it, indicate that your licence application has been sent to your licensing body.
  • Provided everything is in order, CDSPI and your licensing body will coordinate to issue your Malpractice Insurance and licence (they will take effect on the same date).
  • You will begin paying for Malpractice Insurance as soon as you get your licence. Take this into consideration if you’re not going to start practising right away.

Applying to Practice in Ontario & Quebec

Step 1: Obtain and Send in a Licensing Application


Step 2: Apply for Excess Malpractice Insurance (Optional)
  • Excess Malpractice Insurance provides protection in excess of your mandatory primary policy in the event a patient makes a claim against you that arises from your professional services.
  • Ontario Excess Malpractice Insurance is available from CDSPI, once you are licensed. Complete the application.

Protect Your Income with Disability Insurance

  • Disability Insurance provides steady income in the event you are injured or sick and unable to work.
  • Your CDSPI no-cost disability coverage is DisabilityGuard™ Insurance 1 upon graduation.
  • DisabilityGuard™ Insurance includes the following advantages: premiums are guaranteed until age 65, features of your coverage are guaranteed, and you'll receive a 15% lifetime reduction on your premiums.


Once you've graduated, you have the option to upgrade to the level premium option without medical tests. Learn more about level premiums.

Protect Yourself Against Office Disruptions with TripleGuardTM Insurance


When you are practising, you'll need coverage for more than just your hand tools. TripleGuard™ Insurance 2 provides the following coverage:

  • Office contents coverage for multiple insured locations when you work as an associate.
  • Protection for your income if your office is inaccessible due to fire, flood or other insured perils 3, 4.
  • Commercial general liability coverage for an injury sustained by a visitor, such as a slip and fall incident.


As a new grad, your first step is to complete and submit the TripleGuard™ Insurance 5, 6 Activation Form as soon as you know where you'll be working.

DisabilityGuard™ Insurance is a trademark of CDSPI.
DisabilityGuard™ Insurance is underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife), PO Box 670, Stn Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2J 4B8.
TripleGuard™ Insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.
Pandemic outbreak is not an insured peril.
4 Pandemic coverage is not available on new policies.
5 Your coverage is no-cost until the end of this year. Then you will pay 50% of regular premiums for three years as of January 2021.
6 The first $50,000 of your coverage is no-cost until the end of this year. Then you will pay 50% of regular premiums on the first $50,000 of coverage for three years as of January 2021. You will be charged regular premiums for coverage in excess of $50,000 when coverage is activated.
Conditions, limitations, and exclusions apply. See policy for details.