For information on the Ottawa and Gatineau area tornados, click here


If Postal service is interrupted . . .

Canada Post may have service disruptions as early as September 26, 2018. We’d like to help you experience as little inconvenience as possible by providing alternative ways to:

      • Pay invoices
      • View your investment account statement and transaction history
      • Submit forms and applications including investment deposit instructions

Paying Insurance Premium Invoices

You have three ways to pay your insurance premiums to avoid any potential disruption to your coverage. Make sure you have you CDSPI account and invoice numbers ready:

      1. CDSPI Automated Telephone System using your Visa/Mastercard

        Call 1.866.460.9199 and follow the voice prompts.

      2. Online with CDSPI
        • Log into your account.
        • Click on the My Insurance Payments link located on the left sidebar.
        • Follow the prompts.
      3. Your Personal Banking

        Add “CDSPI” as a payee to your account for online or telephone banking. Here is a list
        of financial institutions
        where you can pay us online.

        Contact your financial institution if you need assistance adding CDSPI as a payee.

Viewing Investment Account Information

You can access your most recent quarterly account statement and view your recent transactions online—just log in to your account.

We will send statements and confirmations by mail as soon as possible.

Note: If you need assistance to access your account online, contact an advisor at 1.800.561.9401. Please have your account details ready when you call.

Submitting Forms & Applications

Until the risk of a postal strike is resolved you are advised to submit documents to CDSPI by other means, such as:

      • By email*:
      • By courier to head office at: CDSPI, 2005 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 500, Toronto, ON M2J 5B4
      • In person, at one of our offices. View our office locations here.
      • By fax:
        • Insurance Services fax: 1.866.337.3389 or 416.296.8920
        • Investment Services fax: 1.866.561.2250 or 416.296.9459

*Please note: there are some forms that must be submitted in original format. These cannot be submitted by email as email is not a secure method of transmission. Please ensure you review the instructions on the specific document or contact us for further clarification.


One-time deposits or other forms & requests: Visit to find the form you are looking for.


The Simplified Solution: Set up pre-authorized payments for insurance or investments and your CDSPI account won’t be impacted by another mail strike!

Insurance – Preauthorized chequing form

Insurance – Preauthorized credit card form

Investments – Preauthorized chequing form


Contact us any time at 1.800.561.9401 or at
List of Financial Institutions for Online Banking




Emergency information for Tornados

If you have been impacted by the tornadoes in the Ottawa and Gatineau area, CDSPI has information to help you access to resources.

To Report an Office Insurance Claim:
(CDSPI Claim Support Centre, 8:30 to 4:30 EST)


CDSPI After Hours Emergency Claims Line:
A live emergency claims representative at ClaimsPro will be available to accept your claim.


TripleGuardTM Insurance:  TripleGuard™ insurance includes coverage for loss or damage to your dental office contents due to insured perils, such as tornadoes.  Additionally, if your office is in an evacuated area, you may be eligible to file a practice interruption claim under your plan.


Filing a Home & Auto Claim: 1.877.277.7230 or submit a claim online
Representatives at The Personal can be contacted at any time if you expect to file a claim.


Counselling Support: 1.844.578.4040 
Through CDSPI’s Members’ Assistance Program (MAP)*, you and your family members can get support for dealing with stress, anxiety or feelings of vulnerability, given recent events. Help is available 24/7.


Further Information:
Representatives at CDSPI are available to answer questions about your insurance coverage during regular business hours (8:30 to 4:30 pm EST) or by email at


We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update you if necessary.


Support Material

These materials include strategies for coping with reactions to stress and anxiety:
Continued Support Following a Traumatic Event 
How a Traumatic Event Can Affect You
Taking Care After a Traumatic Event


We wish you, your family and all the residents affected by the tornadoes, a safe and speedy return to your community.


*MAP services and resources are offered through Shepell, Canada’s largest provider of Employee and Family Assistance Programs.