Consolidate Your Personal Information in a “Virtual Shoebox”

Do your loved ones a favour today.

Would the people closest to you be able to easily access all your personal and household financial documents if they needed to? Would you? An unexpected death, mental incapacity, a separation or divorce … in all of these circumstances, your information may need to be readily available to you, family members, lawyers, or executors.


You likely have all this information, but do you have it in one place? To help consolidate personal information, the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) created the Virtual Shoebox. It’s a comprehensive fillable PDF you can use to document all of your information.


The value of the Virtual Shoebox is that it’s thorough. Beyond standard things like your personal identifiers, banking information, utility and service accounts, it includes:

  • Marriage, divorce, custody, citizenship, adoption records
  • Internet and social media accounts and passwords
  • Safety deposit box information
  • Investments, Insurance policy numbers and beneficiaries
  • All real estate information
  • Pre-paid funeral arrangements
  • Loyalty cards, and much more


Once you have completed the Virtual Shoebox, you can print it or store it digitally on a remote hard drive, or other secure storage method.


Make sure you store this document in a safe place. Lost or stolen information may allow for identity theft or financial theft.


If the document becomes lost or stolen you must take immediate steps to protect yourself by advising relevant authorities including your bank, credit card company and insurer.


Make sure that people who may need to access this information know where to find it. For example, it should accompany your will, which will be very helpful to your executor.


Consolidating personal information will give you peace of mind. Consolidating financial assets will do the same. CDSPI can assimilate all of your investment and insurance assets within a synchronized, well-planned strategy based on your personal goals. We can also create a tax-efficient estate plan to help you pass more of your wealth on to your heirs.


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