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CDSPI life insurance plans have been enhanced to meet your needs—at rates that are highly competitive. Here’s what’s new for your basic and family life insurance:


For Basic Life …

Apply without a medical

If you’re age 50 or under, you can now purchase up to $1 million of Basic Life coverage without a medical exam. *


Get rewarded even more for a healthy lifestyle

AdvantEdge premium reductions for dentists in exceptionally good health include a new 15% reduction for insured amounts from $300K—$499K and a reduction of 20% for insured amounts from $500K—$1 million.


More good news! These savings now continue for the length of your policy, and you are no longer required to reapply every ten years to maintain your AdvantEdge rates.


Apply for higher limits of coverage

You can now apply for up to $4 million of coverage—double the previous amount—and you can apply until you turn 70, up from 65. Also, you can now convert to Term 100 Insurance until you turn 71, up from 56.


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For Family Life …

Added flexibility to adapt your coverage

Your spouse and adult children can now apply for coverage until you turn 70, and they can convert it to Term 100 Insurance until you turn 71.

Additionally, when your dependent children who are insured under Family Life lose their eligibility, they have more time to convert to their own plan without a medical.


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For Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) …

Greater protection now available

You can now get up to $5 million of coverage by combining AD&D ($1 million) with Basic Life ($4 million)—doubling the previous maximum of $2.5 million.


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These exciting changes increase the accessibility of coverage to protect your loved ones and your practice.

But how much do you need? Get expert advice from a non-commissioned CDSPI Insurance Advisor to help you make the right choice.


Call 1.800.561.9401 or send an email to insurance@cdspi.com to get started.


* In some circumstances, the insurer reserves the right to request a medical examination or specific tests.

Basic Life, Family Life, Term 100, AD&D and DisabilityGuardTM Insurance are underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife), P.O. Box 670, Stn. Waterloo, ON N2J 4B8.

This information is presented for your general guidance. Complete terms, conditions, exclusions, restrictions and limitations governing the coverage are found in the insurance contracts for each of the plans.