Navigating the Pandemic

June 10, 2020


Here we are in month four since the pandemic outbreak. It’s been an unsettling time in our world and each day brings new challenges, and thankfully, a few victories. Throughout this difficult period, we’ve remained focused on supporting the dental community.


When I reflect on the early weeks of the pandemic, I think about the determination shown by our employees. They quickly adapted to working from home, re-invented countless processes to keep our business running, and most importantly, they never gave up – even when we didn’t have the answers you were looking for. I am humbled by the actions and resilience of our team.


I am proud that CDSPI will be able to help over 7,000 dentists who had TripleGuardTM insurance coverage1. The unique Pandemic outbreak coverage included in that policy has proven to be an important financial assistance program during a time when dental practices were required to close with few other income sources available to dentists.


The underwriter of the policy, Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, has now paid out thousands of dentists’ claims and we expect the process to wrap up in the coming weeks. This benefit will represent over $200 million in payouts for dentists as they begin re-opening their practices. While the road was bumpy, we fought hard to get the resolution dentists deserved. I’m grateful for the instrumental support we received from the provincial and territorial associations, the CDA and CDSPI’s Board of Directors. Finally, I want to thank policyholders for your patience and for putting your trust in CDSPI.


The role CDSPI plays in helping members of the dental community grow their wealth and protect their practices has never been more important or apparent to me. We look forward to finding new and better ways to serve you in the future!


Stay well and safe,
Ed Dermit
President, CDSPI


1TripleGuardTM Insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.

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