New Funds For a Lifetime of Investment Needs

Eight new funds. One objective—growth that is tailored to your investment goals.

To meet the evolving needs of dentists, CDSPI has added eight new funds to our family of investment solutions. These funds address concerns such as ongoing market volatility, rising interest rates, the desire for exposure to non-traditional assets, and diversification across active and passive investments.

Managed by leading fund managers around the globe, the new funds focus on providing strong returns relative to risk. Whether you are just starting out or thinking about retirement, we are pleased to offer new funds for new times.


Build a Sophisticated Foundation

Consider this solution if you want a portfolio that is tailored to your risk tolerance, and offers instant diversification and automatic rebalancing.

Five CDSPI Granite Portfolios, managed by Sun Life Global Investments, offer an easy way to build your portfolio base. Ranging from conservative to aggressive, this solution is designed to match your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Each professionally managed portfolio consists of a broad number of quality domestic and global funds. To take advantage of attractive opportunities or to preserve capital, the manager may shift the asset mix when considering economic indicators, market fluctuations and forecasts.


Take Advantage of a Target Return Strategy

If you are seeking exposure to traditional and non-traditional investments, and are willing to take a moderate level of risk, this fund may be right for you.

The CDSPI Diversified Growth Fund is managed by Schroder, a global firm with US$593 billion in assets under management, specializing in multi-asset, alternative and real estate investing. In addition to traditional asset classes, the fund invests in currency, emerging market and high yield debt, gold, commodities, and other alternative assets.

The fund seeks to provide a target return of Canadian Consumer Price Index + 4% per year over a full economic cycle (typically 5-7 years). It capitalizes on a range of domestic and global opportunities while managing downside risk.


Explore The World With Lower Volatility

Consider this solution if you want global equity exposure with reduced volatility and you are comfortable with a medium level of investment risk.

The CDSPI Low Volatility Global Equity Fund is managed by MFS Investment Management, who have 150 years of active management experience. The fund invests in stocks with wide geographic diversification, including European, Asian and emerging markets, that demonstrate less market volatility and may perform better in market downturns.


Combine Safety With Upside Potential

If you are a conservative investor looking to protect your wealth, and are willing to take on limited risk for the potential to achieve higher returns, this fund may be suitable for you.

The CDSPI Core Plus Bond Fund is managed by Phillips, Hager & North, a company founded in 1964, and esteemed leaders in Canada’s money management industry. The fund provides a base of high quality bonds with plus strategies that include mortgages, high yield bonds, and emerging market debt for added return.


With CDSPI’s new investment funds you benefit from:

  • The depth and experience of leading fund managers around the world
  • A range of new funds to help you address your specific needs
  • Highly competitive MERs ranging from 0.80% – 1.65%
  • Expert advice from our Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) professionals.


Our Investment Planning Advisors* can show you how our new funds may complement your portfolio.


* Investment planning advice is provided by licensed advisors at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

Restrictions may apply to advisory services in certain jurisdictions.

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