Pacific Dental Conference (Virtual) March 14 to April 12

CDSPI is excited to participate in The Pacific Dental Conference (PDC Virtual) from March 14 to April 12. Our sponsored session this year is Creating an Environment to Attract and Retain Staff with Paula Allen. Paula is the Global Leader, Research and Total Wellbeing at Lifeworks and she will focus on the importance of staff mental health and wellbeing to customer service, productivity, and retention.


The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, and it is important to get help. This session is relevant and timely as we continue to deal with the impact of everyday stresses as well as larger world issues. Paula presents some fascinating insights and research along with specific strategies to ensure that employees feel supported in their wellbeing. Paula also touches on key issues such as dealing with someone who is not doing well, and actions that employers can take to support their own wellbeing in addition to supporting that of staff.

BCDA Members and their families have access to The Dentist Wellness Program (DWP), a free, confidential clinical counselling program.


BC Dental Staff and their families have access to the CDSPI sponsored Members' Assistance Program (MAP), a free, 24/7/365, confidential service, provided by Lifeworks that offers support and resources for a wide range of health, work and relationship issues.

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