An RRSP is a great way to save on tax. We have others.

Strategies for saving on tax are a key part of a financial plan.

Our Investment Planning Advisors* can recommend different ways to save on tax. We often work with dentists' accountants to coordinate tax strategies within a comprehensive financial plan.

These are some of the strategies we may consider based on your individual situation:

Take full advantage of registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA, RESP)The government provides these plans to encourage saving—make sure you use them.
Utilize insuranceThere are solutions to manage earnings in your corporation and reduce tax transferred to your heirs.
Pay yourself wiselyThere are advantages and disadvantages to receiving a salary or dividends, or both. We can help you make the right choice.
Withdraw cash tax-effectivelyYour financial plan will coordinate withdrawals from many sources when you retire.
Create a tax efficient corporate structureYou can shelter retained earnings with a sister or holding company.
Reduce tax for your heirsPermanent insurance, trusts, and corporate structure options are all potential tactics in a well-constructed estate plan.

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* Advisory services are provided by licensed advisors at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. Restrictions may apply to advisory services in certain jurisdictions.