Saskatchewan Oral Health Conference 2022

CDSPI is excited to be a part of the Saskatchewan Oral Health Conference 2022 as a conference sponsor. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Regina at the Delta Hotels Marriott Regina September 22 – 24 for this convention with a great line-up of speakers, sessions and the tradeshow.

SOHC 2022

Join us on Friday, September 23 for Attracting and Retaining Dental Staff presented by our special guest speaker, Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP, Research, LifeWorks and Shane Dewling, BA, CFP®, FMA® Investment Planning Advisor, CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

Paula will focus on the importance of staff mental health and wellbeing to customer service, productivity, and retention in Creating an Environment to Attract and Retain Staff. Research will be presented along with specific strategies to ensure that employees feel supported in their wellbeing. She will also touch on key issues such as managing someone who is not doing well, and actions that leaders can take to support their own wellbeing in addition to supporting that of staff

Shane Dewling from CDSPI will share financial strategies to help you recruit and retain your dental dream team. Learn how to compete for the best staff as well as leading insurance and investment solutions customized for the dental community.

See you at SOHC 2022.

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