Seven Signs it’s a Scam

Offshore real estate deals, ostrich farms, partial ownership of sailboats… there are plenty of opportunities out there, but the risks can be extreme. If you’re approached with a “can’t miss” opportunity, follow these tips to help you identify the scams:


  1. The offer is too good to be true.
    This should set off the loudest alarm. Risk and reward are indelibly linked—you simply cannot have one without the other. If someone guarantees you high return with little or no risk, don’t walk, run the other way.


  1. You’re urged to invest without being given much information.
    If someone isn’t willing to give you the details, perhaps there are no details to give.


  1. You’re pressured to make a decision quickly.
    Some investments are time sensitive but a legitimate one doesn’t need an immediate answer.


  1. You’ll benefit from insider information.
    In investment circles, insider information usually means illegal.


  1. You’re asked to keep matters secret.
    Sure, because they don’t want authorities to find out.


  1. You’re made to feel guilty if you refuse to buy in.
    It’s your money, you have a right to be cautious.


  1. You’re told it’s “approved”.
    Regulatory organizations never give an opinion on the quality of an investment.


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