Six Satisfying Possibilities for Life After Dentistry

Life After Dentistry

You’ve probably dreamed of retirement… but have you planned your retirement lifestyle? Your dentistry career has provided stimulation and fulfillment for many decades, and in retirement it is important to find new ways to fill those needs. There are many inspiring stories of dentists in retirement, and here are just a few ideas you might want to explore:


Give back

Do you have a skill or interest that allows you to raise money for charity, or improve the lives of others? You can consider adapting family activities, joining a club, volunteering your time, learning a new skill or incorporating skills from your practice.


Cultivate the artist inside you

Dentistry has many artistic elements, especially prosthodontics and periodontics. Are you interested in sculpting, photography, painting or other kinds of visual art? Appear in art shows or open your own art studio.


Teach the next generation

If you have an interest in helping young people, whether in dentistry or not, you may have many skills that you can share. You can work professionally, or volunteer as a teacher or mentor.


Travel the world

Does your bucket list consist of places you’d like to visit? Whether it’s historical sites, the natural world or meeting new people, travel can be very fulfilling. And you can make a hobby of preparing for your next trip: researching foods, learning a language & culture, and planning your itinerary.


Exercise your management experience

Use your business and management skills to contribute to a board of directors. Or perhaps you can give the small businesses in your community the benefit of your experience running a successful business.


Get active

Physical activity is a great way to spend your time and stay healthy. Whether it’s thrilling like skydiving or more relaxing like golf, a physical hobby has many advantages, including finding clubs or other enthusiasts to socialize with.


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