The Best is Yet to Come

If you are approaching retirement, you have probably been saving for years, and know how much money you need for a comfortable retirement. But have you thought about what your life will look like in retirement?

In both your career and in your personal life, you’re fulfilled by (a) satisfying certain needs, and (b) using certain skills that you acquire over time. When you retire, your lifestyle changes, and there is the chance that these needs may not be met or skills may go unused.

To provide guidance in this area, CDSPI has partnered with Dr. Alan Roadburg, author of the book, Life After Dentistry, which is co-sponsored by CDSPI. Dr. Roadburg’s book provides tips and insights on how to excel at retirement, and includes a workbook that walks you through these three phases:


Phase One – Determine Goals

List your needs and skills, prioritize them, and use them to develop life goals. These include patient interaction, stimulation, a sense of achievement, shared time with family, working with your hands, coaching sports teams, playing an instrument, and many others.


Phase Two – Brainstorm

In a workshop, everyone shares ideas. If you’re working on your own, brainstorm with friends, family and colleagues who know you best—and be sure to talk to some retired dentists for insight.


Phase Three – Create Your Life Goal Plan

Your Life Goal Plan is the roadmap for moving forward. It will include a variety of elements: hobbies & activities, where you will live, future financial needs, a time line, and a host of other factors that allow you to be the architect of your life after dentistry.


I like to think of Life Goal Planning as training for a second career—the career of a happy and rewarding retirement.
– Alan Roadburg


If you have any questions about retirement planning, or would like a complimentary copy of Dr. Roadburg’s book, please contact a Certified Financial Planner® professional from CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. at 1.800.561.9401 or email us at


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