Timelines for TripleGuardTM Claims


May 8, 2020


Since announcing the good news that Aviva Insurance Company of Canada (Aviva) would begin processing TripleGuardTM pandemic claims, many dentists have contacted us for an update on the status of their claim. Today, I want to update you on what you can expect in the coming weeks.


I know it’s been a lengthy process for those of you still waiting for your claim to be paid. I can assure you that the claims process is underway. I’ve heard from dentists whose claims have been paid, in addition to those who are frustrated and waiting for Aviva to call. This divergence reflects the fact that there are thousands of TripleGuardTM claims to work through.


We asked Aviva to provide as much certainty as possible around timelines for reaching policyholders regarding payment of their pandemic claim. The details below reflect the timeline and steps provided by Aviva:

  • Aviva adjusters are contacting policyholders every day. However, if you have not yet been contacted by an Aviva adjuster, you will receive an email from Aviva with your claim number by Friday, May 15, 2020.
  • Following receipt of this email, an Aviva adjuster will call you within 4 weeks, if not sooner, to discuss the requirements for submitting your financial information.
  • Your claim will be paid approximately 2 weeks from the time you have provided the adjuster with your financial information. The exact timing will depend on the completeness of your financial information and the circumstances of your situation.


Note that Aviva has contracted ClaimsPro to manage the claim process in British Columbia and Quebec. If you reside in British Columbia or Quebec, a ClaimsPro adjuster will be reaching out to you. The above mentioned timelines will still apply to your claim.


I hope this communication provides you with clarity on what to expect if you are waiting for your claim to be paid. I encourage you to review the FAQ as new questions are added each week. Thank you for your continued patience.


Stay well and safe.

Ed Dermit,
President, CDSPI


Please visit cdspi.com/covid19 for further COVID-19 updates.

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