An Update on our Discussions with Aviva

March 29, 2020


CDSPI is continuing to do everything it can, on your behalf, to press Aviva to pay TripleGuardTM pandemic claims. We have urged them to bring this matter to a positive conclusion as soon as possible. Aviva had assured us numerous times over the past weeks that they were “days away” from a decision, but now those days have turned into weeks.


Late last week, CDSPI Chairman Lyle Best demanded a meeting with Aviva Insurance Canada, CEO Jason Storah to get clarity on the situation. The meeting took place on Friday and Lyle’s message was clear, “Our patience has run out.”  Further to this, Mr. Storah attended a special meeting of the CDSPI Board of Directors held on Sunday, as CDSPI continued to press for answers. Mr. Storah assured CDSPI’s Board that Aviva is giving this matter their utmost attention. Mr. Storah shared that he hopes to announce Aviva’s decision approximately a week from now.


Based on all of the discussions to date, I believe Aviva is preparing in good faith, to honour the claims. You deserve a positive outcome and I can assure you we will continue to fight for dentists’ pandemic claims to be paid.


I know many of you have contacted us for answers and it pains us to not have more concrete information to share today. We will continue to update you as any new information becomes available.


Stay well and safe,


Ed Dermit

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