What Investors Can Learn from the Raptors’ Success

Photo taken by Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

The Toronto Raptors NBA Championship was an exciting win for all of Canada. But it didn’t happen overnight or by chance. Building a championship team was a methodical process that grew over several years. It took experienced management, discipline, and courage to make bold decisions when they needed to be made.

These are the same qualities that go into a successful investment strategy. Here is what investors can learn from the Raptors’ approach.


Rely on strong management
The Raptors’ owners, executive team, coaching staff and entire organization are focused on quality. As an investor, you need to be supported by a quality team—from the fund managers who direct your investment funds, to the advisors who help you make the right decisions for long-term financial security.


Pay attention to defense
The fans always love to see lots of scoring, but it’s defense that wins championships. A well-constructed portfolio includes defensive positions that help you weather volatile markets.


A winning team needs a mix of players with a wide range of capabilities—scorers, rebounders, defensive stalwarts and other role players. Likewise, a diversified portfolio takes advantage of opportunities when they arise, and helps you stand your ground in the face of market challenges.


Keep emotions in check
This quality defined the Raptors throughout the playoffs. No matter what the situation, they never got too high or too low. It was always business as usual with their eyes on the prize. With investing, the toughest decisions you have to make are often standing your ground in the face of market volatility.


From the court, to the stands, to all the Jurassic Parks around the country, winning felt great! Contact one of our Investment Planning Advisors* to find out how to bring these winning strategies to your investments.


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