Bee Braganza

Manager, Insurance Advisory Services


"At CDSPI we strive to provide the best experience and service to the dental community. We support our clients from their first day as dental students through their careers until retirement.”

Bee Braganza is the Manager of Insurance Advisory Services and holds the FLMI®, ACS®, CLU®, AIAA, and CHS® designations. Bee is licensed as a Level 2 general insurance broker and as a life and accident and sickness advisor. With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Bee leads a team of insurance advisors who specialize in providing guidance and advice tailored to the needs of dental professionals across Canada.


Perspectives on working with dentists

Bee is passionate about providing excellent client service. Her warm personality, industry knowledge and experience create trust with both her clients and her team. “I am naturally friendly, and I like to help people whenever I can. I feel fulfilled when I can help dentists. At CDSPI, we want the best for our clients, so we always try to ensure that they are fully protected with the best coverage.”

Bee knows dentists their business models and has a comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of their insurance needs. Including the risks, they face and strategies to protect themselves.

CDSPI provides expert solutions that efficiently support dentists. “These values define my contribution to the dental community; this is why I have clients from my early days to the present time.”


1.800.561.9401 x 6801


  • Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®)
  • Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI®)
  • Associate, Customer Service (ACS®)
  • Associate, Insurance Agency Administration (AIAA)
  • Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS®)

Make sure you review your insurance coverage regularly to be certain that it still provides the protection required for your needs. If you are advised to increase the coverage on your insurance, it is good to have a discussion with your advisor to share any financial concerns you have.

Entrusting your advisor to create a plan leads to a well-balanced, protected life, financially and otherwise. Financial independence means the ability to provide well for you and your family which, in return, reduces stress.

Bee likes to travel and enjoys learning something new about each destination’s food, culture, and traditions. Bee loves to cook and bake and often will prepare cuisines from different parts of the world. On her journeys, she likes to chat with older people as she believes they are the best storytellers. Her travels have also inspired her to become involved in a program for setting up schools for the less fortunate in parts of India through financial donations. If she had her way, Bee would like the power to ease the suffering of society’s most vulnerable.