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Purpose of this site

This site is not intended to provide you with personalized investment, insurance, financial, accounting, tax or legal advice. It should not be used as a substitute for personal advice from a representative of CDSPI's affiliate, CDSPI Advisory Services Inc., or an appropriate professional advisor.


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You are responsible for all activity on your account completed through the website (including accepting a level of investment risk when you execute fund switches) unless it can be shown that you have been a victim of fraud. If you become aware that fraud has occurred you must report the incident to us promptly and cooperate fully in any subsequent investigation.


Your Privacy

CDSPI Group recognizes the importance of keeping your personal and financial information confidential. Please refer to Upholding Your Privacy Rights for information on how we protect and use your personal information.


Product information

Descriptions of products and services offered by or administered by the CDSPI Group are abbreviated summaries of such products or services, highlighting some of their features. You should review such products or services in detail by referring to the legal documents which govern them.


Reliability of information

Information provided on this site, including fund rates of return and unit values, is believed to be accurate and reliable when posted. However, we cannot guarantee that information will be accurate and complete at all times. All information on this site is subject to modification and update from time to time without notice.

Certain performance and other information on this Web site relating to segregated funds and underlying mutual funds is provided by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. The CDSPI Group will not be liable for any errors or delays in, or loss or damages or actions taken in reliance on, this information.

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Our Limits of Liability

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