CDSPI — Upholding Your Privacy Rights

CDSPI provides insurance and investment plans to eligible participants. CDSPI also administers the Members’ Assistance Program (MAP)[i]. CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. is a licensed insurance agency which provides service and advice. CDSPI and CDSPI Advisory Services (“we” “us” “our”) collect, use, retain, and sometimes disclose, personal information in order to provide program-related services to individuals.


Why We Require Personal Information

We require personal information for program-related purposes (the “program purposes”) such as:

  • Processing requests to participate in one of the programs;
  • Billing for program-related services;
  • Claims administration in connection with the Insurance Program;
  • Statistical purposes to assess program and marketing performance;
  • Advising participants of changes to the programs, including additions or enhancements to existing programs; and
  • Providing administrative services in connection with the programs.

We also require personal information in order to promote those products and services which comprise the programs and to promote other products and services which may be of interest (the “optional purposes”). We do not disclose personal information to other organizations for marketing purposes.

If an individual does not wish us to use their personal information for the optional purposes, they may contact the Chief Privacy Officer at the address set out below.


What Personal Information Do We Collect, Use and Retain?

Our files may contain a copy of an individual’s application(s) for insurance coverage or for investment or affinity products. We may also have other information which pertains to any such application(s). We may receive and retain information about insurance claims, the investment accounts or the affinity services of program participants. We retain such information, subject to legal and regulatory requirements, only for so long as is necessary to provide participants with program services. We may also record telephone calls for quality and accuracy assurance purposes.

We do not collect, use or retain any personal information with respect to the Members' Assistance Program.


How We Use This Information

We collect and use the information that we require in order to provide or support the insurance, investment and affinity services that we offer or administer. We may also collect information to assist us in understanding the financial and affinity service needs of eligible program participants. Where information is not required by us to support or provide a program-related service we indicate that the information is optional. An individual is not required to provide optional information as a condition of receiving any of the program services.


Who Has Access To This Information?

Any information provided to us in connection with obtaining an insurance, investment or affinity service shall be provided to the provider of such service, such as an insurance company, investment company or affinity services provider. In addition, personal information may be provided to a third party investment manager with the individual's consent.

Personal information in the possession of any insurance, investment or affinity service provider or investment manager is subject to the personal information practices and privacy standards of such provider and not those of CDSPI. Use or disclosure of your personal information other than as described above will only be made with your consent or where we are obliged or permitted to do so by law.


Your Access to Our Information

An individual may request to review his or her personal information in our files. An individual may also request a correction to such personal information. Requests for access and/or correction should be made in writing to:

The Chief Privacy Officer
CDSPI or CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.
2005 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 500, Toronto, ON M2J 5B4

Phone: 1.800.561.9401 (toll-free)
Fax: 1.866.337.3389 (toll-free) or 416.296.8920

We will grant access to personal information upon verifying an individual’s identity and an entitlement to such access. The right to access is not absolute. For example, we do not provide information that may be subject to a legal claim of privilege. Further, medical information that was not obtained directly from an individual shall be released only by the insurance company that required the information and then only through a physician. An individual does not have a right to access medical information about another person, even if the information is about his or her spouse and is relevant to an insurance policy owned by the individual. We require written consent to disclose personal information about any person to any other person.


Disclosure Policy

CDSPI Insurance Advisory Services*

CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.'s insurance planning advisors do not sell the insurance plans of other insurers. All insurance planning advisors are salaried and are not paid commissions for sales of group insurance plan products. If an individual policy of insurance is sold by an advisor with CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. the commission is paid to CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. not to the advisor who completed the sale.


CDSPI Investment Advisory Services*

CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.'s investment planning advisors are salaried and are not paid commissions for the sale of investment plan products.

* Restrictions may apply to advisory services in certain jurisdictions.


[i] MAP is provided by Lifeworks, the largest Canadian-based provider of Employee and Family Assistance Programs. Available services vary by region.