Accessibility at CDSPI and CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

At CDSPI & CDSPI Advisory Services Inc., we value our clients and strive to provide exceptional customer service. We are committed to providing clients with disabilities the same opportunity to access our programs, products and services, in the same place, and in an equitable way as other customers.

You may access our Accessibility Policy. Upon request, we will provide this document in an alternative format that takes into account your disability.



Upon request, we will provide accessible formats or communication supports for persons with disabilities for publicly available information in a timely manner, that takes into account the person's accessibility needs due to disability, and at a cost that is no more than the regular cost charged to other persons.  We will consult with the person making the request to determine the suitability of the accessible format or communication support.

Please contact us at or 1.800.561.9401 to request accessible formats or communication supports.



We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Accessibility. Please share your thoughts about Accessibility at CDSPI and CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. using one of the methods below:

Email us at

Contact us by phone at 1.800.561.9401

Feedback can also be given in person or in writing at the following address:

Attention: Accessibility Feedback

2005 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 500, Toronto, ON M2J 5B4

If you would like the CDSPI to follow up with you regarding your feedback comments, please provide your contact information.