Insurance solutions built for dental professionals. Delivered with expert advice.

Tailored exclusively with dental professionals and their families in mind, CDSPI offers a broad range of insurance plans to meet your personal and professional needs. And our experienced insurance advisors provide advice on how to protect you and your practice against potential risks.

CDSPI represents the buying power of the Canadian dental community, which means we:

  • Offer insurance solutions that are competitively priced;
  • Form strategic arrangements with leading insurance companies; and
  • Develop customized insurance solutions for the dental community.


Our expertise and sole focus on dental professionals make us the insurance source that the dental community has come to know and trust.

Our Insurance Plans

Dental Office Staff

Permanent Life - Term 100

Special Rates for Basic Life, Family Life, Long Term Disability, or Office Overhead

Convert Basic Life Insurance and/or Family Life Insurance to Term 100 Life Insurance

Application for Non-Smoker Premium Rates
(Basic Life, Term 100, Family Life, Dental Office Staff Insurance, Long Term Disability, Office Overhead Expense)

Malpractice for Dental Therapist

Undergraduate Package (Under 40)*

Undergraduate Package (ages 40-64)*

Optional Graduate Package*

TripleGuard™ Office Insurance

*Coverage is offered at no cost to you until December 31st of your graduation year, if you are an eligible full-time dental student at an accredited Canadian university. Premiums for the following three years are then reduced to 50% of the regular premium for Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance plans, and at a lifetime reduction of 15% on regular premiums for DisabilityGuard™ Insurance. Students 40 and over are subject to medical underwriting for Undergraduate and Optional insurance plans.

Travel Edge/Travel Edge Plus

Pre-Authorized Chequing Plan

*If the name(s) on the CDSPI account and the bank account to be debited are the same and are not corporation names, use the online form. Otherwise, print a PDF form that you can complete and return by fax, email or post.

Lost Policy

Assignment / Ownership

Change of Beneficiary

Looking for objective
advice about your finances?

Meet with an
experienced advisor.

What are other dentists saying about CDSPI?

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of customer service I received from CDSPI. They sent a refund cheque on my life insurance premium that I missed. They followed up with an email and phone call to make sure I received the refund, and reissued the cheque for me too.

Dr. Christine Hibberd
Orthodontist, Ontario

I just knew I could count on CDSPI. When I found out they were a not-for-profit, that clinched it for me. I also learned they sometimes reduce premiums when there are fewer claims. What other company would do that?!

Dr. Raylien Cho
Associate, British Columbia

CDSPI’s travel insurance is a great advantage for dentists. I’ve checked with other insurance companies and it’s a lot less costly for the same coverage. Then you add the level of service and it’s a really easy decision.

Dr. Bob White
Retired Pediatric Dentist, Ontario

I’ve had insurance and investments with CDSPI since I started practising 42 years ago. The main thing I looked at was their low administration fee and the fact that they weren’t on commission, which is important to me. I always felt that they worked with my best interests at heart.

Dr. Jerry Wowchuk
Transitioning to Retirement, New Brunswick

The “free insurance” [that CDSPI] provides is an obvious benefit, and the financial advice is especially important at a time when many are looking at massive student debt upon graduation. I support the Student Program, as CDSPI provides dependable insurance and investment advice to the dentists of tomorrow.

Dr. G.W. Johnson
University of Saskatchewan, College of Dentistry

CDSPI has been helpful in supporting my local (HPDA) component society on several occasions with expert presentations with knowledgeable advice.

Dr. Brenda Thomson
Transitioning to Retirement, Ontario

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