Excess Malpractice Insurance

Additional protection against claims


You are eligible for Excess Malpractice Insurance if you are a dentist licensed to practice in the province of Alberta or Ontario, a member of your provincial dental association and have obtained your primary mandatory malpractice insurance directly from your provincial regulatory body.

The CDSPI Advantages

  • Extra coverage for you against claims arising from professional services rendered
  • Up to $23-million per claim coverage in excess of your mandatory coverage of $2-million with your regulator
  • Provisions for legal representation

How Excess Malpractice Insurance Protects You:

As a licensed professional, you are legally responsible for the services you or your staff perform. That means you may be accused of malpractice, error or mistake while you’re practising, and have to bear the significant financial consequences that can accompany those charges.

Excess Malpractice Insurance provides protection in excess of your mandatory primary policy in the event a patient makes a claim against you arising from professional services rendered. In addition, Excess Malpractice Insurance provides claims assistance and legal representation — all at highly competitive rates.

Excess Malpractice Insurance offers a range of coverage limits — you can choose the one best suited for you. You can be protected for up to $23-million per claim (up to an aggregate of $69-million in one calendar year).


Excess Malpractice Insurance covers more than just the potential cost of claims. In addition, the insurer provides legal representation for the insured and covers approved legal costs for malpractice actions.


The policy’s extended reporting period provides ongoing protection for dentists against claims from incidents that occurred while you were practising — at no additional premium. If you retire and you have surrendered your license, you are eligible for a premium-free extended reporting period, which will be effective as of the date you are no longer licensed.

2024: Annual Premium Rates and Insurance Limits

Premium rates are in effect January 1, 2024 until December 31, 2024.

Ontario and Alberta Excess Malpractice
Coverage Premium Total Limit*
$1-million per claim (maximum $3-million per calendar year) $70.79 $3-million
$2-million per claim (maximum $6-million per calendar year) $126.40 $4-million
$3-million per claim (maximum $9-million per calendar year) $174.93 $5-million
$8-million per claim (maximum $24-million per calendar year) $415.58 $10-million
$23-million per claim (maximum $69-million per calendar year) $838.92 $25-million

*Total limit includes the mandatory primary $2-million coverage from your regulator.

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CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. is not affiliated with the insurer of any mandatory malpractice insurance obtained from your regulator.

The Excess Malpractice Insurance plan is underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch).

The information contained here is a summary only. A full description of coverage and eligibility, including exclusions, restrictions and limitations can be found in the Policy Terms and Conditions for the Excess Malpractice Insurance Plan (Excess Liability Special Form 907110 and Endorsements).