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CDSPI’s investment solutions are built solely with the needs of Canadian dental professionals in mind. Our Investment Planning Advisors are Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) professionals who take the time to understand your unique needs and always provide objective, unbiased advice—because they never receive third-party commissions based on the investments they recommend.

Through CDSPI’s buying power and premier partnerships with leading financial firms, our Investment Planning Advisors provide advice on a wide range of investment solutions that are ideally priced and suited to dentists. Put simply, our range of financial tools and expertise make us the investment source that dentists have come to know and trust.

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Account Types

You can use a number of different account types to accumulate your savings and investments. The two main account categories are registered accounts (for tax-efficient saving) and non-registered accounts (for taxable, liquid saving).

Please call us at 1.800.561.9401 or to learn more about the different types of accounts available.

Investment Articles

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