No-Cost Insurance Solutions for Students

As a dental student, you may not be familiar with the importance of protecting your personal and professional life through insurance. CDSPI is here to help you every step of the way. Tailored to the specific needs of dental students, we offer valuable no-cost insurance packages*, with practical advice on how to manage risks.

Undergraduate Package (under 40)*

Provides eligible undergraduate students with no-cost disability, life, accident and dental hand instruments protection while in dental school, as well as doubled amounts of life, disability insurance and AD&D coverage at graduation.

Undergraduate Package (ages 40-64)*

Optional Graduate Package*

With evidence of good health, you can apply for the Optional Graduate Package to receive even higher amounts of life, disability insurance and AD&D coverage at graduation.

TripleGuard™ Insurance*

As a student, dental hand instruments coverage is included in the undergraduate student insurance program* at no cost. Once you graduate, you have access to associate or regular office coverage at reduced rates if you are a graduate who participated in the undergraduate student insurance program. Pandemic coverage not available on new policies.

*Coverage is offered at no cost to you until December 31st of your graduation year, if you are an eligible full-time dental student at an accredited Canadian university. Premiums for the following three years are then reduced to 50% of the regular premium for Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance plans, and at a lifetime reduction of 15% on regular premiums for DisabilityGuard™ Insurance. Students 40 and over are subject to medical underwriting for Undergraduate and Optional insurance plans.