Our diverse lineup of low-fee investment funds offers you a range of asset classes, investment managers and styles—with a history of strong long-term performance. Providing you with flexibility in meeting your investment goals, our Investment Planning Advisors can help you choose what’s right for you—from Canadian and international equity funds to balanced and bond funds, as well as managed portfolios. Use the chart below to learn more about our funds, performance and fees.


Creditor Proof

One of the most compelling features of CDSPI’s funds is that they provide creditor protection* in certain cases. This is especially important to dentists who may be holding these investments within a personal non-registered account.


Low Fees

CDSPI Funds are attractively priced with low management expense ratios (MERs), relative to other actively managed mutual funds.


Highly Competitive Performance

CDSPI has excellent risk adjusted returns relative to peers within their respective fund categories. Out of the 32 CDSPI Funds with a Morningstar rating, 38% are rated 5 star, and 84% have a rating of 4 or 5 star.~


World Class Investment Management

All CDSPI Funds are managed by institutional quality asset management firms with demonstrated expertise and a track record of success within their asset class.


No Sales Commission

An investment in CDSPI Funds comes with no up-front sales commission or deferred sales charge.


*Segregated funds are governed under life insurance regulations and when there is a preferred beneficiary named may provide protection from creditors.

~Based on analysis by Morningstar Inc., of CDSPI funds, as of Apr. 30, 2021, with performance records of three years or more. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. For more details on the calculation of Morningstar quartile rankings, please see


CDSPI Historic Fund Performance* ( as of October 31, 2023 )

Unit Values ( as of November 29, 2023 )


FundUnit ValueDaily Price Change1 Year3 Year5 Year10 YearMER†
CDSPI Aggressive Equity Fund (Fiera Capital)57.225700.141503.
CDSPI Balanced Fund (PH&N)22.575900.075702.
CDSPI Balanced Value Fund (MFS)31.403100.114403.
CDSPI Bond & Mortgage Fund (Fiera Capital)30.909900.092500.8-
CDSPI Bond Fund (PH&N)16.301200.07790-0.4-
CDSPI Canadian Equity Fund (Invesco)40.137500.197909.316.
CDSPI Common Stock Fund (Fiera Capital)173.50240(0.126)
CDSPI Core Plus Bond Fund (PH&N)10.328700.05000-0.1-4.9N/AN/A0.80
CDSPI Diversified Growth Fund (Schroder)11.247500.034100.11.1N/AN/A1.65
CDSPI Dividend Fund (PH&N)29.265000.15630-
CDSPI Emerging Markets Fund (Brandes)28.80890(0.1196)
CDSPI European Fund (Invesco)37.398000.1215013.0-
CDSPI Fixed Income Fund (MFS)23.068400.11060-0.7-5.8-
CDSPI Global Fund (Invesco)57.442600.0389013.
CDSPI Global Growth Fund (Capital Group Canada)46.014400.0606011.
CDSPI Global Real Estate Fund (Invesco)17.144100.10090-4.1-0.6-
CDSPI International Equity Fund (CC&L)31.139100.093507.
CDSPI Low Volatility Global Equity Fund (MFS)13.50560(0.0217)9.28.0N/AN/A1.30
CDSPI Money Market Fund (Fiera Capital)12.610100.001604.
CDSPI Pacific Basin Fund (CI)21.97010(0.0003)10.6-
CDSPI S&P 500 Index Fund (BlackRock®)50.88260(0.0245)10.910.711.113.20.67
CDSPI TSX Composite Index Fund (BlackRock®)47.395100.21050-
CDSPI U.S. Large Cap Fund (Capital Group Canada)31.909800.0292015.310.
CDSPI U.S. Small Cap Fund (Invesco)53.045500.41230-

Granite Target Risk Funds

FundUnit ValueDaily Price Change1 Year3 Year5 Year10 YearMER†
CDSPI Granite Aggressive Portfolio (Sun Life)12.293700.033403.92.9N/AN/A1.50
CDSPI Granite Balanced Portfolio (Sun Life)11.468700.037402.60.7N/AN/A1.50
CDSPI Granite Conservative Portfolio (Sun Life)10.305300.042601.4-2.4N/AN/A1.50
CDSPI Granite Growth Portfolio (Sun Life)11.929000.035703.31.8N/AN/A1.50
CDSPI Granite Moderate Portfolio (Sun Life)11.022200.039002.0-0.4N/AN/A1.50

Index Fund Portfolios

FundUnit ValueDaily Price Change1 Year3 Year5 Year10 YearMER†
CDSPI Aggressive Index Portfolio (BlackRock®)22.548800.053904.
CDSPI Conservative Index Portfolio (BlackRock®)18.424800.066801.2-
CDSPI Moderate Index Portfolio (BlackRock®)20.453600.061402.

Income/Equity Fund Portfolios

FundUnit ValueDaily Price Change1 Year3 Year5 Year10 YearMER†
CDSPI Aggressive Growth Portfolio (CI)22.026400.027208.
CDSPI Balanced Portfolio (CI)19.478900.034004.
CDSPI Conservative Growth Portfolio (CI)20.448500.032706.
CDSPI Income Plus Portfolio (CI)18.063700.037602.
CDSPI Income Portfolio (CI)18.164600.041502.3-
CDSPI Moderate Growth Portfolio (CI)21.147900.030606.

Corporate Class Funds

FundUnit ValueDaily Price Change1 Year3 Year5 Year10 YearMER†
CDSPI Canadian Bond Fund Corporate Class (CI)13.531200.06400-1.3-5.5-
CDSPI Canadian Equity Fund Corporate Class (CI)24.132900.076903.710.
CDSPI Corporate Bond Fund Corporate Class (CI)20.873000.086903.3-
CDSPI Income and Growth Fund Corporate Class (CI)29.162600.105003.
CDSPI Short-Term Fund Corporate Class (CI)10.154700.001003.

Guaranteed Fund Rates

CDSPI 1 Year Guaranteed Fund (SLA)4.85000
CDSPI 2 Year Guaranteed Fund (SLA)4.65000
CDSPI 3 Year Guaranteed Fund (SLA)4.40000
CDSPI 4 Year Guaranteed Fund (SLA)4.25000
CDSPI 5 Year Guaranteed Fund (SLA)4.10000

* Average annual compound rate of return with all fees deducted. One to ten year performance for the period ending October 31, 2023. The above are historic results based on past performance and are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

† Plus applicable taxes.

Note: Fees may be levied for short-term trading.

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