Devon Kauffeldt

Investment Sales Associate


“I want to help CDSPI clients achieve peace by approaching their financial and personal goals in a holistic way.”

Devon Kauffeldt is an Investment Sales Associate holding a BBA, an MBA, and an MA in International Management. Devon provides ongoing client support and assists the Investment Advisory Team in developing relationships with the dental community for their wealth management, retirement planning, estate, and tax planning needs. He has 10+ years working in the financial services industry and joined CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. in 2018.


Perspective on working with dentists

Devon was motivated to join CDSPI because it is a not-for-profit organization focused on serving the dental community. He enjoys working with clients to provide support on their career path starting out as dental students right through until retirement.

“At CDSPI, we are fortunate to advise our clients without worrying about commission. Therefore, we can dedicate time to each client’s unique financial needs and offer unbiased advice. I love telling people that I work for a not-for-profit financial organization – CDSPI is unique that way.”

Working with dentists has been an interesting experience learning about the business side of dentistry and the financial intricacies unique to them. “I find dentists to be knowledgeable business owners who take pride in their work. There is never a dull moment, and our interactions are collaborative and rewarding.”



1.800.561.9401 x 6856


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Houghton College, New York
  • MBA, Taylor University, Indiana
  • Master of Arts, International Management, LCC University, Lithuania

“Financial wellness is achieved with a solid plan in place to meet your financial goals and implementing the necessary actions that link to those goals. It is important to regularly review the plan to be sure you are still on track.”

Just like personal fitness, financial wellness is unique to everyone. Each person has different goals, values, and views on life. “As long as we are meeting your goals, I believe you will be happy with your financial plan.”

Devon enjoys spending time and travelling with family, including his partner, daughter, and two dogs. Growing up in Kenya exposed Devon to East African food and his favourite is Ethiopian cuisine. This life experience also inspired him to give back to the community. Every summer, Devon runs a soccer camp for underprivileged children – which combines his passion for helping people with his love of soccer. Devon is also a certified rescue diver and spends as much time in the water as possible.


Devon Kauffeldt