Plan More. Worry Less.

With a complementary financial check up.

One of the benefits of membership in your dental association is that you have exclusive access to CDSPI and our network of Insurance and Investment Advisors* across Canada.

As a dentist, you understand the value of a regular checkup.  An event, milestone or simply the passage of time can have a significant impact on the ability of your insurance and investment plans to provide appropriate protection and help you reach your financial goals. Milestone moments such as a new addition to your family, buying or selling a practice or property can all signal that it might be time to revisit your plans.

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CDSPI is committed to offering timely advice that is relevant to our clients. An annual checkup is a smart idea. Your Advisor can tell you if you’re adequately protected and they can also make policy recommendations that balance your needs with your budget. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at the different options available.

Over time, improvements you make can increase the value of your practice and could affect your insurance coverage. When you upgrade your office equipment also consider an upgrade to your insurance coverage. If you were to have a claim, would your current coverage be enough to cover the loss?

Hear from other dentists like you about how a financial plan is important at every stage of your career.

Created by dentists, our understanding and specialized expertise is one of the hallmarks of CDSPI and it’s why we prioritize providing advice above all else. Our team of advisors from CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. are all licensed professionals who are paid a salary and do not receive a commission so you can trust that their recommendations are in your best interest.

*Advisory services are provided by licensed advisors at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. Restrictions may apply in certain jurisdictions.