Four reasons dentists trust CDSPI:


Enduring focus on dentists. Earning your trust along the way.

No other organization in Canada has been focused on the financial needs of dental professionals longer than we have. As a not-for-profit company serving your profession since 1959, we’ve obtained a deep knowledge of the unique financial goals and risks you face, and have become the financial services provider that dentists know and trust.


Stress-free. Unbiased advice. Centred on you.

We provide dental professionals with unbiased advice—always centred on providing solutions that are right for you. Our advisors* don’t earn commissions and are not influenced by any outside affiliations or third-party pressures. We are motivated by your needs and offer you a comprehensive, stress-free, dedicated experience.


Exclusive access. Bringing you leading solutions.

On behalf of dentists, we establish strategic partnerships with leading financial firms. As a result, we can advise on a wide range of financial solutions and provide exclusive access to products that are ideally priced and suited to dentists. We offer leading insurance and investment solutions—tailored specifically to your needs.


Governed by dental associations. Driven by your interests.

CDSPI's Members are part of the Canadian Dental Association and participating provincial and territorial dental associations.



Advisory Panel

The strongest solutions. Backed by Canada-wide insights from our Advisory Panel.

We understand the needs of the dental community because we integrate the valuable experience and knowledge of our cross-Canada Advisory Panel. Our Panel members represent the demographics and diversity of your profession across the country. Students, dentists and industry experts are represented on our Advisory Panel and Board of Directors, who actively help set the course for CDSPI. The bottom line: our professionals are in-sync with your priorities and equipped to meet your needs.

Dr. Bob Coles

Retired Dentist

Dr. Soumya Jain

Internationally Trained Dentist

Dr. Ray Grewal

Specialist, Practice Owner

Dr. Amanda Skuba

New Dentist

Dr. Amarjit Rihal

Practice Owner

Dr. Khash Gharavi

New Dentist

Dr. Brenda Thomson

Associate, (Retired Practice Owner)


Mr. Allister Mason

Dr. Maureen Thurrott

Internationally Trained Dentist

Dr. Robert Sexton

Retired Dentist

Dr. Pat Redmond

Practice Owner

Our Partners

We seek out excellence and bring you leading industry partners. We’re pleased to provide you with access to tailored solutions, preferred pricing and the highest level of service.

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Discretionary Management

Discount Brokerage

Our Insurance Partners



*Insurance and investment planning advice is provided by licensed advisors at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc., an affiliate of CDSPI.