Anca Poirier

Bilingual Professional Insurance Advisor


“My goal is to help dentists identify the risks they might face in their practice and personal lives and help them mitigate them. I provide each dentist with insurance coverage options tailored to their needs and risk tolerance.”

Anca Poirier is a bilingual Professional Insurance Advisor holding the CAIB designation and she is licensed as a general insurance broker and as a life and accident and sickness insurance advisor. Anca provides professional and personal insurance guidance and advice to Canadian dental professionals and their families. In her 15+ years of insurance experience with CDSPI Advisory Services Inc., she has developed specialized knowledge in risk management for dentists building a practice or renovating their practice.


Perspectives on working with dentists

Anca believes integrity is a pillar of trust when advising clients about insurance coverage, “At CDSPI, advisors are non-commissioned, therefore, we can confidently build relationships based on honesty and unbiased advice. CDSPI products are designed specifically for the needs of the dental community, but we also provide insurance advice regardless of whether dentists use our products.”

Dentists need to be protected from the adverse events that can affect their lives, their family, or their practice. The stress factor is significantly reduced once insurance coverage is in place. “I share an outline of possible risks to prepare them for emergencies and advise how to mitigate those risks.”


1.800.561.9401 x 6860


  • Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree (Linguistics) from Ovidius University in Constanța, Romania

Financial wellness is financial security against all odds. It is being able to protect your revenue and having emergency funds available in case of disability, malpractice suits, damage to property, and so much more. That is where insurance comes in. Removing the “what if” unlocks the ability to enjoy your lifestyle without worry – whether it is vacationing, daily expenses or expanding your horizons – that assurance of protection equates to financial wellness.

Anca enjoys spending time with her family which also includes a cat named Chocolate. Anca enjoys a vegetarian lifestyle and likes Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine. She is always excited to add a new dish to her repertoire. Anca is passionate about the arts, and she is also an outdoor enthusiast who loves to travel with her family. A fun fact about Anca that impresses her children is that she was once a secret service translator in the Romanian army.